Villa Le Rose

It is a fine building formerly owned by Counts Apraxine, then by the Honourable Guido Donegani. Today it is a refined block of flats.

We remind of a short period of time when as a, country villa, è una building of the end of the eighteenth century, it was inhabited by Sir Winston Churchill in the last months of 1945. The English statesman was thought to have come on the Como Lake to paint landscapes, but, to all accounts, he came to search for documents!

Actually, on 2nd September of that year, disguised as "Colonel Warden" and protected by twenty-five soldiers of the regiment "The Queen's Hussars", Churchill settled into this villa accompained by his daughter Sarah. The ultimate aim of this stay here was very clear: this is the way the legend of the correspondence Mussolini-Churchill, was born, but perhaps it is not so legendary!