It is the most prestigious residence in Moltrasio, and one of the most impressive palace on lago di Como, with its long flights of steps in the park, which descend almost to the shore. It was erected in 1778 by the architect Felice Soave on request of Count Andrea Passalacqua. However, a residence belonging to the Odescalchis already existed since 1615.

The villa is adorned by valuable frescos by Giocondo Albertolli, which make some rooms precious. the Milanese dialect poet Carlo Porta and the composer Vincenzo Belliniwere often entertained here as guests by the Passalacquas. Marquises Negrotto Cambiaso, the Passalacquas' nephews, inherited the estate; they sold it in 1885.

For some decades the Palazzo di Moltrasio belonged to Baroness Ruby von Sederhoelm Nalder; later on, it was acquired by the Kiss Maerth family.