It is situateci in an ancient piace "in pizz", that is on the promontory, where in the fifteenth century there was already a country house. The Comense Mugiasca family - the owners of this piace - had the villa erected in the middle of the eighteenth century. Mr Giovanní Battista, the last descendant of his famíly, let the "Pizzo" to the Ospedale S. Anna in Como in 1842.

Soon afterwards, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, the estate was acquired by Archduke Ranieri of Austria, viceroy of the Lombard-Venetian Kingdom. This gentleman often stayed here with his wife Mary Elisabeth, Charles Albert of Savoy's sister.

The new viceroy o[ the Lombard-Venetian Kingdom Maximilian of Hapsburg and his wife Charlotte, too, lived in this villa for short periods of time from 1857 to 1859. Certainly, this ,gentleman could not foresee the bad end which he would have come to eight years later in Mexico.

Since 1873 and far long decades, thís wonderful, historical estate was in the Milanese Bassoni Volpi family's hands.