It is aClassical building in Empire style, with an artistical fly-over which, crossing the Regina Road, leads to a basin on the lake. A tidy park surrounds the whole estate, which belonged to the Erker Hocevar family for some decades in this century.

A slab on the facade of the villa, set here in 1908, recalls that the estate, formerly owned by the Salterio family, had been rented by them to Giuditta Turina Cantù, at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

This brilliant lady, an artist and a dancer, lived here with her husband at first and then with Vincenzo Bellini from 1829 to '33. The Maestro used to come here to draw his inspiration for his famous melodies too. For the singer Giuditta Pasta, who lived in her villa in Blevio, in front on the other side of the lago di Como, he conceived "The Sonnambula" and other works.