It is impressive and in the meantime graced with its characteristical architectonical line of the eighteenth century. The magnificent semicircled façade facing the lake and the columns overhung by some medallions make this elegant mansion one of the most remarkable villas on the whole Como Lake.

It was designed by the famous Pollack for Marquise Eleonora Villani. Just between the end of the eighteenth century and the beginning of the following century this villa, often called “La Rotonda”, knew its period of greatest notoriety for the distinquished guests who stayed here. In June 1797 Napoleon, with the beloved Giuseppina and his Staff, preferred to stay here rather than in a palace in the town-centre.

Then the Prince of Beauharnais. the Queen of Naples, Princess Coroline of Galles before acquiring Villa d' Este, the Czar Alexander II of Russia and many more. Marquises Villani used to be the amphitryons.

Later on, the villa was transferred to the Rocca Saporiti family, then to the Resta Pallavicino family. In 1951 the last sold their estate to the Como Provincial Authority, who, from then, have had their seat in this prestigious Villa.