The Dream House? For foreigners, it's on Lake Como

The Lake Como brand at the top spot in Italy

The data reported by Sole 24 Ore speaks for itself. Lake Como is driving Lombardy to second place as a destination for foreigners' dream second homes. In 2017, the demand for real estate in Italy increased by 23.68% compared to the previous year, quadrupling when analyzing the data from 2012.

This trend, as mentioned, has a true locomotive in the "Lake Como" brand.

While Tuscany remains a classic among international desires, it is Lombardy that jumps to second place in the ranking thanks to Lake Como, which saw a remarkable 52.77% increase in purchase requests in 2017, compared to a 20.98% increase in Tuscany. As reported by the prestigious financial newspaper, Liguria (+14.73%), Puglia (+15.65%), and Sardinia (+23.12%) follow.

But that's not all, the research reveals an even more important data for our region: "Rather than speaking of regions, it is more appropriate to talk about areas, which are identified as real brands.

So, in the first position, we have Lake Como, followed by Salento, Valle d'Itria, Lunigiana, and Maremma and Chianti."

Strong data, which even in cities requires contemplation.