A building existed here since the end of the fifteenth century. In the sixteenth century Paolo Giovio mentioned it with the name "la Grumella". In 1578 the Milanese Tommaso d'Adda transformed it, probably making it into a real villa.

There were many owners in time. It seems that Cardinal Benedetto - Pope Odescalchi in 1675 - had the villa reconstructed according to the "Pellegrini”s original designs which had been drawn far the d'Addas.

In 1775 "il Grumello" belonged to Count Giambattista Giovio. A bust in the park dedicated to the poet Ugo Foscolo recalls his short stays here as a guest of the Giovios'.

Later on, the villa was transferred to the Celesia family. In 195A a descendant, Countess Giulia Cays, née Celesia, left the estate to the Ospedale S. Anna in Como, who used it as a convalescent home. Later on, the villa was rented to the Seterie Ratti. 

In the same park, another building is a boarding-house run by the Ca'd'Industria ed Uniti Luoghi Pii in Como.